A serving of Moules Frites next to a window.
Parmesan being sprinked on freshly made fried pizza.
A large serving dish of spaghetti and meatballs, garnished with herbs.
A pot of boiled potatoes with their skins on, left to cool.
Close up of asparagus tips on a chopping board next to a knife.
A spoonful of yogurt and red berry compot, with two drips running down the side.
A hand holding a pair of pears.
A toasted cheese sandwich being pulled apart.
A portion of sautéd fish fillet on top of curry rice, served with broccoli.
A plate of spaghetti with various Italian ingredients shown around it.
A blueberry cheesecake with a drip of sauce running down the side.
Pear and meringue  tarts served with caramel brittle.
A colourful image of a bowl of rice pudding and raspberries with a pink design on top.
A selection of colourful party snacks made from popcorn and candy.
A bartender serving a tall iced coctail.
A hand grabbing a shot glass filled with smoothie from a bar counter. Empty shot glasses lie skattered around.
A fruit tart with five distinct fillings.
Chocolate shavings laying across a dark ceramic blade.
Chocoalte shavings raining down on top of a dessert.
A plate of pasta surrounded by a ring of five different cheeses.
A top down shot of making homemade tortellini on a marble countertop.
Pear and bacon salad served in bowls with dressing.
Two servings of parsnip and apple on pork cutlets.
A selection of finger food and hors d'oeuvres on a plate.
A plate of Spaghetti Neapolitan surrounded by Japanese ornaments and utensils.
A macro shot of pasta, showing a curl of tagliatelle.
A swirling pattern made from seeds, nuts and oats.
An Italian lunch of cured meats, bread and salad ingredients.
Pulled pork with crispy crackling served with a large selection of classic barbecue side dishes and sauces.
A moody shot of two cheeseboards on a wooden table.
A cookie being dipped into a small glass of milk. Stacks of extra cookies surround it.
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