Coffee being poured into a glass of ice.
Iced coffee and cream swirling in a large glass.
A selection of craft beers aranged as a face of a clock, with a hand taking one.
Two glass tankards of beer clashing and spilling their contents.
Four beer bottles lined up on a shelf.
Cream being poured into a cup of rich hot chocolate.
Chocolate and pear cake slices being dusted with icing sugar.
A chef holding a pan as a large fireball rises from it.
Bowls of rice and  Korean barbecue style beef served on a wooden board.
A custom kitchen cabinet set-up, with handmade wooden items displayed prominently.
The corner of a wooden chopping block in a kitchen.
A transparent front on a box, displaying dried tagliatelle.
A walnut and silver necklace, laying on a frosty surface.
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