One hundred different chocolates arranged into the shape of an Easter Egg.
Easter Egg
Cream being poured into a cup of rich hot chocolate.
Chocolate and pear cake slices being dusted with icing sugar.
A macro shot of pasta, showing a curl of tagliatelle.
A swirling pattern made from seeds, nuts and oats.
A spoonful of yogurt and red berry compot, with two drips running down the side.
Water droplets being shaken from a head of Chinese Cabbage.
A cookie being dipped into a small glass of milk. Stacks of extra cookies surround it.
Chocoalte shavings raining down on top of a dessert.
Chocolate shavings laying across a dark ceramic blade.
A moody shot of two cheeseboards on a wooden table.
An Italian lunch of cured meats, bread and salad ingredients.
Pulled pork with crispy crackling served with a large selection of classic barbecue side dishes and sauces.
A top down shot of making homemade tortellini on a marble countertop.
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